Holistic Solutions to Workplace Stress and Issues
Workplace stress and tension can be a cause of so many issues including factors in computer related injury, upper limb disorders, eye strain and headaches.

Sitting at a computer for a long time is not a natural state for human beings and we need to ensure that we are sitting correctly as well as moving away from the workstation regularly.

I am able to  offer Display Screen Equipment/workstation   assessments, consultation on alternative devices to help with rehabilitation and reduce pain and discomfort. Either for home use or corporate/workplace.

Looking at your workstation is also important to ensure you are seated correctly, at the correct height and that you are addressing your mouse and keyboard comfortably and safely. Is your mouse too far away? are you pounding the keys on your keyboard. These can all build up tension in the body and lead to discomfort and pain over time.

There are practical solutions that can be used to aid rehabilitation or reducing pain and discomfort such as keyboards, mice/trackballs, software and many others.

With 12 years experience of computer and workstation solutions and as a qualified Health and Safety consultant and qualified in holistical therapies, I can offer a holistical, all-round solution of practical applications as well as therapies to ease the mind.

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